Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saqsaywaman (aka Sexy Woman)

The layout I'm posting today is about the Saqsaywaman ruins (aka Sexy Woman ruins....cause that's how it sounds). These ruins are a little outside of Cusco. It is the same ones that offered the great vantage point to see all of Cusco that I did in a previous layout. Can you believe how big these rocks are and how far they were brought to create these great structures? Just look at the picture of DH and I standing by one of them and then the picture that shows many in a row. They are the rocks that form the teeth of the puma, the shape this particular ruin makes when viewed from the air.

For this layout I went with a two-pager. I kept the layout and papers fairly simple. It was my goal to make sure to showcase the really blue and beautiful sky in the pictures. The day was just perfect on our tour. I also enjoy using tickets when I have them. A bonus to these was that they had a map of the ruins on the back, so I cut one up and left one intact.

Here's also close-ups of the individual pages:

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