Monday, March 30, 2009

I think it's safe to post this creation now. I made this card for a good friend and her new hubby for their wedding that was held last weekend. I am finding that it's more fun to create a card for bdays, weddings, and the like rather than just get those from Hallmark. Takes more time, but I think it's worth it, especially for friends like this that also make cards. 

For this card I actually followed my friend's techniques. She likes to add ribbons to her cards, so I tried my hand at it too. My fiance even helped out as he helped get the hole punch to go through 3 layers of cardstock! (It was truly a joint effort.) The paper that I used for this card came from a pack of paper that I got in San Carlos my first week in California. I liked this particular print the best, so naturally I had to get the whole pack. The tux and dress are vellum stickers. 

I found that when I worked on this card I merely let it flow to whatever it wanted to be. Instead of always layering cardstock, which I guess did actually happen with the solid cardstock colors, I cut away some of the front cover of the card to expose the printed paper attached to the inside of the card. In all, I hope my friend liked it. It was fun to make. :)

Congrats to cadnileb on her wedding!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thought I would show that I don't just make scrapbook pages. Of course, the last post is about my invites, but I also make a few non-scrapbook page things when there isn't a wedding to plan for! This is a card that I made on a whim yesterday for Steve. We had a shaky start to the morning with stress and I wanted to do something for him that would let him know that I was thinking about him throughout the day.

It's just a simple card really. Embellishments are only in the paper and some rub-on words that I had in my scrapbook stuff. I do find that cards are a great way to finally get to use some of the stuff that sits in the crafty piles that usually gets overlooked. For this card, it was some rub-on sayings that have been traveling around in my goodies for quite some time. The paper used here was a random sheet I found in a 50% off bin at my favorite Clinton, Iowa, store. I thought the paper was appropriately masculine (haven't quite moved into making Steve flower-y cards yet) and then once I started using it, I was kinda sad I had only bought one sheet cause the different patterns in it make for different kinds of looks. I really liked the blue swirly pattern, even though some of the other pattern tends to go more gold. I brought out the purple line with use of the purple cardstock (no way that my limited color supply was going to match that teal!). I think it brought that little bit of purple out nicely. Inside gets all mushy so I'll just leave you with the outside, but I did continue to use the blue swirls on the inside too. :)

Although, I am finding one problem now that I've come to adhesive doesn't want to stick! Any suggestions? Maybe I just can't use cheap Walmart or Michaels adhesive here?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a sneak peek at what I'm working on now. It's that time of year for all July brides to start on their invites! (That's all we talk about on community board for those getting married in July right now.)