Monday, March 30, 2009

I think it's safe to post this creation now. I made this card for a good friend and her new hubby for their wedding that was held last weekend. I am finding that it's more fun to create a card for bdays, weddings, and the like rather than just get those from Hallmark. Takes more time, but I think it's worth it, especially for friends like this that also make cards. 

For this card I actually followed my friend's techniques. She likes to add ribbons to her cards, so I tried my hand at it too. My fiance even helped out as he helped get the hole punch to go through 3 layers of cardstock! (It was truly a joint effort.) The paper that I used for this card came from a pack of paper that I got in San Carlos my first week in California. I liked this particular print the best, so naturally I had to get the whole pack. The tux and dress are vellum stickers. 

I found that when I worked on this card I merely let it flow to whatever it wanted to be. Instead of always layering cardstock, which I guess did actually happen with the solid cardstock colors, I cut away some of the front cover of the card to expose the printed paper attached to the inside of the card. In all, I hope my friend liked it. It was fun to make. :)

Congrats to cadnileb on her wedding!

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cadnileb said...

Yaay! :-) Loved the card!