Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't have anything crafty for Halloween to share today, but I do have some pictures of my cat!

DH followed Hannah around the house taking pictures of her in her pirate costume this evening. Here's two pictures that I personally liked.

The Pirate Queen herself...

A worn out pirate...

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scrap Our Stash: October Challenge

So the Scrap Our Stash October Challenge is to do "that" page, meaning a page you've been meaning to do but just haven't for whatever reason. It's been really interesting to see the design team's take on this challenge. A wide variety of topics!

For my challenge page, I did one from September 2009. Not terribly long ago, but one of the earlier pages I need to do to finish up 2009. I've had the memorabilia on my craft desk for quite some time, but yet still hadn't done the page yet. I finally got the needed photo printed and did the page!

It turned out fun to do. I took a page of patterned paper and first wanted to use some circles cut out from it, but then I tried using the negative spaces instead. I liked this technique a lot more and even added two more circles for the full effect. I don't think I would have paired purple with this on a normal day of scrapping, but it made the tickets, which I wanted to include fit in a bit better. :)

By the way, this is our trip to the San Jose theatre to see Spamalot. I was the luck recipient of the Best Peasant Award since I "helped" them find the grail. Going on stage was a different type of experience, to be sure. I've wanted to do this page for a while because it is such an interesting and unique experience.

Be sure to check out the design team's take on the October challenge. There's still plenty of time to head over to Scrap Our Stash to play too!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Waltzingmouse Stamps October Blog Waltz: Fall

Welcome to my little blog. I hope you're enjoying the Friends of Waltzingmouse Stamps Blog Waltz featuring Fall themed cards. I love blog waltz days and even though my little blog hasn't been as productive since I started back at school, I just couldn't miss the October waltz. Of course, this was helped by my new stamps arriving just in time for me to play this weekend!

I pulled out Frame It for all of the stamps used on this card today. That little leaf is just too cute and I can't wait to try other stamps in the little lined square and rectangle. Such a simple concept but by having it as a stamp, it's just so much easier. For this card I also tried the trick Claire featured on her blog during the release peeks with offsetting the frame a few times for a fun effect. :) A quick and easy CAS card technique I think I might just use again and again.

Well, thanks for stopping by my little neck of the woods. Be sure to check out the WMS Forum to see all the other waltzers today!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm here, really!

I know it has been quite a while since my last post. Not to say things haven't been happening, but sitting at my craft desk took a back seat to it all...

Today I had a little time (even though I should be doing homework) to get a few projects I wanted to do done. Of course, DH wanted some scrapbook pages, so happily I got two of those done. The first one you'll see below. The other, you'll see soon. :) And, as was the cause of my great want to get to my craft table...I got my new WMS stamps! I went a little crazy with Claire's latest release and many sets came to my little home this time. (In celebration of my new job starting Monday!)

AND...I got a card finished for the Waltzingmouse Stamps Blog Waltz taking place tomorrow! So woot! Two posts right in succession from me!

This layout I want to share today is another from June 2009. I'm getting ever closer to finishing 2009! This was our trip to Alcatraz. The great thing about taking the tour of Alcatraz is that it also includes a ferry ride so you get to see SF from the bay too. For this layout I focused on the pictures from the prison island.

This great paper was a find on a different trip to SF. I cut up the 12x12 sheet so that it would better fit in placement with my pictures. I kept to the yellow-tan tones, but brightened it a little since our pictures were not completely dreary. I had our tickets and the brochure too, but for this page, I thought it was better to let the pictures do the talking. I always stick the brochures behind the page at the very least for safe keeping.

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to come by tomorrow for my card for the WMS blog waltz!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Muir Woods and Running!

Sorry about the delay in getting this page put up. If you frequent the Scrap Our Stash challenge blog (which of course you should!), you have seen this page already. This page uses border punches, which was the September challenge. Be sure to go there now to learn about the great October challenge.

I decided to actually put my border punched borders actually on the border of the pages instead of as accents in the center like I usually do. I like how they ground the page. Another cool trick on this page was using the Muir Woods maps as my main accent and title with the help of an invisible pocket courtesy of a transparency. :)

And yesterday marked a fun accomplishment! I have now been running for a year! And here's the proof:

That's September 30, 2009, when I started the C25K program on the left and yesterday's run on the right. So nice to have it recorded on RunMonster too, eh? :) I remember last year being very proud with being about to do that first day of C25K! Here's to more running!