Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scrap Our Stash: October Challenge

So the Scrap Our Stash October Challenge is to do "that" page, meaning a page you've been meaning to do but just haven't for whatever reason. It's been really interesting to see the design team's take on this challenge. A wide variety of topics!

For my challenge page, I did one from September 2009. Not terribly long ago, but one of the earlier pages I need to do to finish up 2009. I've had the memorabilia on my craft desk for quite some time, but yet still hadn't done the page yet. I finally got the needed photo printed and did the page!

It turned out fun to do. I took a page of patterned paper and first wanted to use some circles cut out from it, but then I tried using the negative spaces instead. I liked this technique a lot more and even added two more circles for the full effect. I don't think I would have paired purple with this on a normal day of scrapping, but it made the tickets, which I wanted to include fit in a bit better. :)

By the way, this is our trip to the San Jose theatre to see Spamalot. I was the luck recipient of the Best Peasant Award since I "helped" them find the grail. Going on stage was a different type of experience, to be sure. I've wanted to do this page for a while because it is such an interesting and unique experience.

Be sure to check out the design team's take on the October challenge. There's still plenty of time to head over to Scrap Our Stash to play too!

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Ren-Yi said...

Heehee - best peasant award! I hope you enjoyed the show! Wanted to go in NYC but never found the opportunity. Love the negative space effect!