Friday, October 1, 2010

Muir Woods and Running!

Sorry about the delay in getting this page put up. If you frequent the Scrap Our Stash challenge blog (which of course you should!), you have seen this page already. This page uses border punches, which was the September challenge. Be sure to go there now to learn about the great October challenge.

I decided to actually put my border punched borders actually on the border of the pages instead of as accents in the center like I usually do. I like how they ground the page. Another cool trick on this page was using the Muir Woods maps as my main accent and title with the help of an invisible pocket courtesy of a transparency. :)

And yesterday marked a fun accomplishment! I have now been running for a year! And here's the proof:

That's September 30, 2009, when I started the C25K program on the left and yesterday's run on the right. So nice to have it recorded on RunMonster too, eh? :) I remember last year being very proud with being about to do that first day of C25K! Here's to more running!

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Ren-Yi said...

I love the pics and how you backed them on those panels that fit right into the color scheme of the park, pics, and brochure. And congrats on your run achievement!