Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scrapmaster's Paradise Color Combo #12

I'm starting to like these challenges that I find! Of course, then when you enter, you have to go see everyone else's submissions, which leads to more yummy ideas but also more then I have to see if I can make something for that one too. It is a lovely little circle of events, you know?

I did stumble across the Scrapmaster's Paradise Color Combo blog just that way and once I saw the challenge I really wanted to enter it. Thought the prize was cool too...Copic markers from iCopic! I don't own any Copics or even know what I would do with them, but the color combination was just too much fun to pass the challenge by. And I bet I would get some pointers on how to use them by checking out all these blogs I'm finding these days!

The color combo was similar to the Raspberry Suite Challenge but since I had so much fun with that one I wanted to do it again. Ok, so want and actually doing are different things...I had a heck of a time getting a result out last night even though I had pulled many of my various card making items that fit in the color scheme out and they were sitting in front of me. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do. Part of this, I think, was the fact that I'm actually done making Thank You cards from the wedding. Yes, you heard right, DONE! So for this card I was puzzled as to what to do next! AHHH! Anyway, I left my crafty table with nothing made last night figuring that something would come to me in the morning....

And I was right! It all fit into place today. Go figure! So enough about that and on to the card! :)

The result turned out to be this little "Hello" card with a bit of my Hawaiian themed paper that I have around my crafty table due to working on a scrapbook of a trip to there in March. I wanted to showcase the pretty little flowers that were in the patterned paper and I thought I would turn the sentiment on its side (something I don't do much of). Finish it off with a little pink flower with orange button and the card was complete. I can't wait to give it to a friend! I think a friend would enjoy it out of the blue and I hope you did too! Thanks for stopping by!

Paper: Blue from DieCuts with a View 6.5x4.5 Mat Stacks, Orange from Bazzil Basics, Patterned from Unknown
Extras: Flower from Prima Flowers/Costa Brights, Button from Dress It Up, "Hello" Stamp by Hampton Art (the Michel's $1 bin)

P.S. Check out the SPCC blog also for some blog candy to be handed out in September!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caardvarks: MyStampBox Challenge

I have found that I'm becoming addicted to these card challenges...I found another one on the Caardvarks blog that I thought was simple enough: "Use MyStampBox's logo colors. Pink, Black, and White." So why not? :) I have found that doing these challenges for my thank you cards that I still have left to do from the wedding does make these last few a bit more fun to make. I even got to use some new tools! I got the "thanks" stamp after visiting a new scrapbook store today and I finally used my Silhouette for something too! I even got a little fancier and pulled out the ol' heat gun and did some embossing...hadn't done it in a while but it reminded me of how fun it is. I might just have to do some more. I hope you enjoy!

Paper: Paper Reflections, Flower Shape done by the Quikutz Silhouette SD, Handmade "stitching"
Stamp: "Thanks" from the Harmony Classic Circle Stamper II Stamp Ensemble by JustRite, embossed with Ranger Embossing Power in Magenta
Ribbon: Target ($1 bin)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RSCC #15 Challenge Entry

I decided to declare this day a crafty day, even if I am supposed to be coding and doing other things. So this afternoon I did the Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #15. The color combination looked interesting and there's only a few thank you cards left on my todo list from the wedding, so I combined both. I am finding that these challenges not only get me to get cards done, but also help with what to do next. Awesome!
Without further ado, I give you my RSCC #15 entry:

For this card I used some scraps that were strewn about my crafty table and some from my file of color scraps. I happened to have pretty close to the desired colors all in my color file! Yay! I'm even a little excited that I got to use that textured pink paper...I've had that paper in my scrapbook supplies FOREVER! Finally, to finish it off, a little modification to a Little Petite embellishment (it had a brown background...not a color I could use, so off it went) and we have my finished card!

Paper: Unknown since they were in my scrap color file. :)
Ribbon: Target (the $1 bin is my friend)
Embellishments: Flower by The Paper Company, Button brads by Making Memories

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my card!

August 09 Sheetload of Cards Challenge

So be patient with me as I'm new to doing these challenge things here on this blog, but when I clicked the Sheetload of Cards link on my scrappin buddy Cadnileb's blog, I got intrigued by the August Challenge. The sketch fit perfectly into my usual style, while also kicking it up a notch. (Being an engineer, I love straight lines and squares.)

Without further ado, I present my entry for the August 09 Sheetload of Cards Challenge:

Stamp: Miss You Giraffe by Auntie Amy's Stamps
Paper: Solids by Bazzil Basics, Patterns by Unknown
Ribbon: Target (love the $1 bin!)
Details: Edging done with pattern scissors by Unknown, Sketch by Sheetload of Cards
(click the image to see it bigger)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 6 (Guy Cards)

We are getting almost done, trust me, with these thank you cards. This round I am showcasing guy cards. These are ones that are going to go to some of our single guy friends/family that were at the wedding. I just didn't think they would want all the frills so I kept them simple, but yet still used my fun alphabets that I had on hand. See, I'm an alphabet addict! And I haven't even gotten to start making them on the Quickutz Silhouette yet! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 5

Here's the latest batch!

Instead of cards using stamps, I seemed to have decided to change to using some of my alphabets. This was kinda done randomly, but it was good cause I was getting into a rut with my stamps. I have all these fun alphabets that I haven't been using for scrapbook pages and so then it makes it fair game for cards I say!

But, even though these alphabets can be fun, I must say it is quite annoying when the set has letters that are commonly next to each other in the SAME color. Hello! When I spell "thanks" I would like at least a little bit more variety! I did find a way around it though, can you spot the letters that were made from other letters? :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 4?

So I was first going to call this post Round 1 but then realized that I had already started that with the shower thank you card posts, so I guess this is Round 4. These are thank you cards for wedding presents and those that attended. I'm a little late with the cards, I realize this, but for homemade cards I think people will understand.

The techniques used on these cards seem to stem from my new fascination with stamps. I have always liked alphabets (stickers, metal, thickers, etc.) and recently I have found that my alphabets can go so much further if I use stamps! But now I'm starting to collect stamp sets so that I have about just as many font choices as my others. Eh...I'm just in love with alphabets!

Besides the stamps, I also tried a few new things such as using my flower punch for the pink polka dot card, little bug trails to spell out my sentiment (thanks to the husband for that idea), and created a rosette flower from paper. The last idea there came from my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes that my mom got me a subscription to for my bday. I guess it came in handy! So here's round 4. I'll have more coming, but I promise I won't bore you with all of there will be a lot due to the wedding!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Recap

So it's been about a month (oh man, I can barely believe that the time has flown so fast) since the wedding, so it's probably due that I give a recap. 

The night before we went to Montana, Steve, Stephanie and I were up til way too late working on the programs. I finally decided that having it perfectly spelled out what we were doing for the ceremony wasn't important, but a part of me still wanted to have the programs so we made programs. It was a simple design really and I got the idea from a picture I saw on No glue, just two eyelets and we were set! I think they turned out well.

Then Steve also helped with making the photo upload cards and we got the favor cards all set for the cookies.

As for the actual wedding itself, I was very happy to see all of these elements that I had put effort in designing and assembling come together. The photobook guestbook turned out great, except for the fact that people didn't quite want to sign all over the book yearbook style but rather more just at the end. At least I got lots of compliments on it! The cookies turned out awesome...we're still finishing some of those here in California (used them as a dessert to our housewarming party just last weekend even). The orchid lights decorated the lodge nicely and I made just enough strings of lights. And finally, the centerpieces were simple yet effective. I love it when things come together!

One of my favorite aspects was our "Marmon Wedding" sign that my now brother in, I haven't had brothers before..made for us. I love the pictures with them in it. Another good thing that happened at the wedding was that friends and family stepped in to get things done. I never could have done it alone. So for anyone still to do this wedding thing...make sure you use your willing helpers! I had people want to do stuff and we definitely gave them stuff to do! (But I think they enjoyed being a part of it all)

Overall the wedding was a great success. The day went WAY too fast, but there are moments that will stay with me forever and luckily I will have my great scrapbook and pictures to remind me too. Married life is great!