Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 5

Here's the latest batch!

Instead of cards using stamps, I seemed to have decided to change to using some of my alphabets. This was kinda done randomly, but it was good cause I was getting into a rut with my stamps. I have all these fun alphabets that I haven't been using for scrapbook pages and so then it makes it fair game for cards I say!

But, even though these alphabets can be fun, I must say it is quite annoying when the set has letters that are commonly next to each other in the SAME color. Hello! When I spell "thanks" I would like at least a little bit more variety! I did find a way around it though, can you spot the letters that were made from other letters? :)


Belinda said...

How fun! :) Love seeing them all!

HANA said...

My God you are soo creative and unique..enjoy by just looking at it