Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Recap

So it's been about a month (oh man, I can barely believe that the time has flown so fast) since the wedding, so it's probably due that I give a recap. 

The night before we went to Montana, Steve, Stephanie and I were up til way too late working on the programs. I finally decided that having it perfectly spelled out what we were doing for the ceremony wasn't important, but a part of me still wanted to have the programs so we made programs. It was a simple design really and I got the idea from a picture I saw on No glue, just two eyelets and we were set! I think they turned out well.

Then Steve also helped with making the photo upload cards and we got the favor cards all set for the cookies.

As for the actual wedding itself, I was very happy to see all of these elements that I had put effort in designing and assembling come together. The photobook guestbook turned out great, except for the fact that people didn't quite want to sign all over the book yearbook style but rather more just at the end. At least I got lots of compliments on it! The cookies turned out awesome...we're still finishing some of those here in California (used them as a dessert to our housewarming party just last weekend even). The orchid lights decorated the lodge nicely and I made just enough strings of lights. And finally, the centerpieces were simple yet effective. I love it when things come together!

One of my favorite aspects was our "Marmon Wedding" sign that my now brother in, I haven't had brothers before..made for us. I love the pictures with them in it. Another good thing that happened at the wedding was that friends and family stepped in to get things done. I never could have done it alone. So for anyone still to do this wedding thing...make sure you use your willing helpers! I had people want to do stuff and we definitely gave them stuff to do! (But I think they enjoyed being a part of it all)

Overall the wedding was a great success. The day went WAY too fast, but there are moments that will stay with me forever and luckily I will have my great scrapbook and pictures to remind me too. Married life is great!

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