Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 4?

So I was first going to call this post Round 1 but then realized that I had already started that with the shower thank you card posts, so I guess this is Round 4. These are thank you cards for wedding presents and those that attended. I'm a little late with the cards, I realize this, but for homemade cards I think people will understand.

The techniques used on these cards seem to stem from my new fascination with stamps. I have always liked alphabets (stickers, metal, thickers, etc.) and recently I have found that my alphabets can go so much further if I use stamps! But now I'm starting to collect stamp sets so that I have about just as many font choices as my others. Eh...I'm just in love with alphabets!

Besides the stamps, I also tried a few new things such as using my flower punch for the pink polka dot card, little bug trails to spell out my sentiment (thanks to the husband for that idea), and created a rosette flower from paper. The last idea there came from my latest issue of Creating Keepsakes that my mom got me a subscription to for my bday. I guess it came in handy! So here's round 4. I'll have more coming, but I promise I won't bore you with all of there will be a lot due to the wedding!


amber said...

beautiful cards! If you like stamps you should check out they have beautiful stamps. The owners blog is very inspirational as well.

Belinda said...

Cute cute cute! :) Love the fun flower you made for the first one!