Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Circuito Magico del Agua

It's almost the end of the day here, but I wanted to get another post up.

This layout is from our last day in Lima (and Peru) and our trip to see the fountain park. It was part of a tour that included seeing the fountains and experiencing a cultural dinner with dancing. It was good to do because it got us out one last time on the town to experience some night life. The fountain park was pretty impressive.

For this layout I used the brochure that we got as part of our tickets to the fountain park. It had little pictures of all of the different fountains and conveniently had all the names of them too. I was able to utilize this in the pictures we took ourselves, but still identify the fountain in the picture. I added white borders to our personal photos to carry on the theme from the little pictures. I don't usually put borders on my photos when I print them out, but sometimes it would be helpful. At least it is pretty easy to add white mats behind the photos to get the same effect.

I used some sticker alphabets that I've had in my stash for a while. I think they go pretty well with the theme of the page. I almost think the little images look like stickers too, but they aren't. :)

So, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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jmarmon said...

I love fountains and to see them at night would be awesome. I like how you were able to use the all the small pictures along the side to include all the fountains that you saw. The fountains are more spectacular at night with the lights.