Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Mailbox

With the holiday coming up I knew I needed to get to work on finishing DH's present. Seems mean to work on it when he's at home by making him stay away from the living room, so I wanted to make sure to finish it before the weekend.

Thought this would be a great time to try out the altering of those little Target mailboxes found in the $1 section of the store. I saw all the threads on Splitcoast about them, so when I saw some on a trip to Target when they first put the Valentine's Day stuff out I knew I wanted to grab them quickly. Mountain View must not have too many paper crafters in it because there has been a little stash of them each time I go, but I'm happy with my four that I bought before. And with now learning how simple it is to alter these cute things, I just might finish up the other three in time for Vday.

So for this little box, I kept it simple as it is for my DH. Not too frilly, but yet still fun. :)

I packed in a little treat (the movie Juno come to mind?) too. I got a bunch of these orange tic tacs right after we watched the movie together and I get them occasionally when I see them at the store. With the mailbox as my inspiration I went on the hunt for a bunch more and have it full with them just like in the movie. Paired up with the card in the post before this one, I'm all set with DH's present!

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Paper - K&Company
Ribbon - Michaels
Mailbox - Target
Tutorial -

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