Thursday, June 10, 2010


With DH off to San Francisco for Apple's WWDC, I find myself with the house to myself for a few days. Of course the cat and my craft desk keep me company too. :) I thought I would take a little break and try to get a few scrapbook layouts finished. My deadline for getting this honeymoon book done is coming quickly (family visits are coming up in July)...and I think I'm ready to move on too. Not that Peru hasn't been fun to scrap!

Towards the end of the book there's always the need for a flying home page. So here's my LIM to SFO layout consisting of pictures of us waiting at the gate for our flight out of Peru. Our time in San Salvador was very brief: get off one plane, go through a bit more security to go to the US, and get right back on another plane, so no pictures there this time. Hubert joined us at Gate 23 in Lima this time though. :)

I found it interesting and worth showing in this layout the tax to get out of Peru ($31.00) seen on the one boarding pass. Every time we were on a flight we had some sort of tax in Peru. I think it was $8 each way for Lima to Cusco. It's an extra step that needs to be done at the airport on top of going through security and getting to the airport with plenty of time helps. And influenced by my DH, I used two sets of my American Crafts Thickers to create the LIM (small airplane) SFO title. DH likes to do that sort of tweet whenever we head out on a plane so I thought it was fitting.

On another note, I got my little photo studio set that I ordered from ThinkGeek. Using a gift card I got for my bday (thanks Mike and Katie!) I decided the sheet and overturned IKEA table was due for an upgrade. I'm already liking the fact that I can do layouts in it too. Hopefully my pictures will only get better from here. Here's my fancy new setup:

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Belinda said...

Yay for new toys (ala lightbox). Love the fun way you did the title. :)