Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final Peru Page: Plaza de Armas - Cusco

Can you believe it? I'm finished with the Peru scrapbook! This was the last page that I needed to do due to needing to reprint one of the pictures, but I got that done today and now the page is complete too. I started this book back on January 20 (or at least that's when my first blog post was about it) and I guess that means it took me 6 months. The pages are in a black All My Memories scrapbook which I like because it could handle a bigger page count and has a strap for keeping the book together when closed. Not terrible that it was on sale at Archivers long ago too. :)

This book only rivals the two-week European vacation book about DH and I way back in 2006. It is fun to see my style has changed a bit since then. I wasn't aware of scrapbook/card blogs, challenges, sketches and the like. Most of the pages in this Peru book are based on various challenges and I have found that this makes the pages more unique as I tried new techniques and color combinations. So thank you to each challenge that made me step out of the box in my scrapbooking.

This final page fits in with the Creative Prompts 4 You challenge, "Be Green." (No, I didn't plan the green page to fit in too..haha!) For my recyclable I used a bag that we got in Peru from the place we bought some postcards from. Always being one to keep anything in case it might be good for a layout, I stumbled upon this bag when I was making sure I had hit all the high points for this book. I thought it would serve well in creating my own patterned paper. I just simply cut the strips of the Nasca Line drawings apart and put them at an angle, easy!

So with this page I complete the Peru portion of my blogging...haha! I've tagged all of the pages I've posted on this little blog with the label of Peru, so check them all out here if you're interested. Of course not all pages were on my blog, but a good portion of them were. And hopefully if anyone is ever interested in visiting Peru my pages might help you see how much fun it really is.

Thanks for stopping by!


Allison Cope said...

Great page Laurie! Thanks for playing along with us this month!


jmarmon said...

I can not wait to see and hold the whole Peru book. We will have fun sharing our winter projects. It is raining outside so maybe I will have a chance for a little time at the craft table today.

Banu said...

ooh! Loved this layout. I would for sure love to see other pages of your peru book. It is just way too neat.

Belinda said...

Lovely page -- love the fun angles on the pp on the back!