Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You Cards, Round 3

And yet, there's more! Here's some effort from the past two days. I think this finishes off the ones I needed for my shower. Now I'm in a card-making mood, so I might do some more to stockpile for the actual wedding presents. Enjoy these for now...

So for card 1 I decided that I would try black as an accent color. I saw many card makers use black to outline the main design and I have to admit that it does seem to give it a
 more polished look. You might see me doing this a bit more in the future. I finished off this card by corresponding the striped paper with my flower doo-dads. Gotta love my flowers!

Card 2 is where I used a search of "handmade card" in Google and saw a similar patterned paper with a flower on it at an angle. I added ribbon to the top and the bottom since it matched the light blue/slightly darker blue theme. The big pink flower was just by chance. I thought the bright pink was a nice contrast. I realize this card will probably need extra postage to be sent, but I couldn't find a flower that I liked better, so this is how it was decided.

Green was what I started with for Card 3. I hadn't done such a bright green before and it was pretty intimidating. Luckily I found some patterned paper that had the same green in it and introduced some pink, which I have plenty of that color to work with. The final result came out pretty well I think. 

Card 4 shows what you can do with snipping off only the more interesting parts of a piece of patterned paper. The complete piece has a section of pink in somewhat of a similar pattern for about 3/4 of the page and then has a poem verse on top of some of the pink. The area that I really liked was this brown pattern, so I simply kept only that to work with. I also have these metal ribbon slider flowers that I like to use when the moment comes up and I felt the theme of this card was justified. Finishing the card off with a sentiment already printed on my ribbon, the card became complete.

Finally, card 5 is one where I got to use two new designs in the big stack of paper I bought at JoAnn's yesterday. I really didn't need more patterned paper, but since I have been in such a card mood lately, I just couldn't help myself. My trusty Target dollar bin ribbon purchases furnished the ribbon used on this card and I added a stamped sentiment with a stamp I purchased on that same JoAnn's run. They had a complete set of stamps, an ink pad and an acrylic block on clearance for under $5. (Nevermind that I got like 4 of these types of sets! Hee hee)

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed! Until next time...

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cadnileb said...

yay for getting ahead -- you'll be grateful you did! Trust me. ;)