Sunday, May 24, 2009 May???

Wanted to share my latest project, and no, it's actually not cards! My boyfriend convinced me to finally get back to scrapbooking projects this weekend. He's more interested in me getting to the Hawaii trip book, but I needed to finish these last outstanding Christmas pages before starting that. These mark the last of my 2006-2008 scrapbook. In January 2006 I started my new job in Peoria and I spent 3 years there. A lot has happened in those three years! It all started with a whirlwind trip to Europe, many trips to wherever Steve happened to be, events with the Peoria crew, and finally this past Christmas in Clinton.

The first page is all about Hannah. She was an elf, an angel and a Mrs. KittyClaus. She just loved these costumes, as you can definitely tell by the angel picture. (haha) I love the felt letters that I used for this page. These are from Making Memories. They come in both red and green and I think black, although I haven't bought the black ones. I might for future pages though. :)

The second page is from opening presents on Christmas Day. I had bought a little premade layout from my faithful Peoria scrapbook store Scrap-a-doodle that consisted of a snow type layout. Well, we weren't lucky enough to have enough snow for any real snow pictures in 2008 and I mostly wanted the set for the little holly page. What was good about the set was that it had the picture spots made up like little packages so I thought I would try that out. Seemed fitting for the subject and I think it turned out great! Hope you agree!

The last page is from making cookie-press cookies with my dad. I wasn't all that inspired with the page at first but now I think it turned out really well. Steve had the idea to make little cookies as the embellishments so we worked together to make a main cookie for the title much like the ones he is doing with the cookie press in the picture. Then I added in Christmas tree cookies with sprinkles and then dogs with sprinkles. Dogs? Yes, for anyone that has ever used a cookie press, the stencils available include dogs and even camels. I remember as a kid always having to make Christmas dogs and was just a thing we did. :)