Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let the parade of thank you cards begin! Here is the first in I'm guessing many installments of thank you cards that I'll be making for my friends and family from my shower that was held May 9th. As you can see from the date of this post I'm slightly behind on getting these out the door, but I'm hoping to get them in the mail tomorrow and then start on another batch. 

I'm also finding myself a glutton for punishment cause I'm even thinking "well, let's try some new techniques." Don't know if it is wise when so many need to get made, but I did at least try a few new things, which my roommate Stephanie says is good because then I'll "have more techniques to use when [I] return to scrapbooking." Which speaking of scrapbooking, I plan to do that again someday...but for now this blog will be about cards. (Believe me when I say I've got plenty of scrapping to do too...I'm still on Christmas 2008.)

Anyway, back to the cards....enjoy!

It is my goal with these cards to finally use some of the printed paper that I never use for scrapping. I seem to enjoy buying flower paper when I'm at scrapbook stores, and now have quite a collection. So here's a piece of paper that has mocked me for quite a few scrapping sessions. Now I've finally used it. I added a little layered flower from a package of goodies I got long ago and the lettering is some stamps from Hobby Lobby I got on the clearance aisle (yay!). The inside of this card has "much" stamped in it with the same stamps as the "thx." I thought it was a cute touch. :)

Keeping with the same patterned paper, I chose a different color to accent with the yellow for card 2. I liked how the flower looked on card 1 so another one was used for this card. I tried some different letters this time, using my gold-glittery ones (from a scrapbook page about the Hollywood Walk of Fame a while back) and actually spelled it all out this time.

Card #3 is something completely different: 
color scheme, tactics, etc. all changed for this one. I found this fun blue patterned paper in my pile randomly and thought it was too cute not to use for something. This one hadn't been mocking me, but it was calling out for me to use it. :) I then tried my hand at actually embossing something for someone. I had gotten all excited about embossing when I was planning out my wedding invites, but I'm SO glad that I was smart enough to realize making pocketfolds was enough. So I have the stuff to emboss but I hadn't done it much...so here's my first attempt in a while. I think it came out alright even though you can see the pink stamp ink slightly under the blue (note: get more ink!). I then made it into window panes like my friend Belinda had done in one of her cards recently. I like it! And then finished it off with my trademark ribbon bows.

Finally, a little simple card with my usual paper layering and ribbon bow. I thought the pattern on the paper for this card spoke enough cuteness on it's own so I kept it simple. My fiance actually liked this one the best of the four, so I think it passes the test for a card I can send out. :)

Until next time....


amber said...

Very cute! You are brave to make them all unique. I made my thank you cards, but kept them all the same for the most part.

cadnileb said...

Super cute! Love them all!