Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hawaii Book, Post 2

I'm back with another Hawaii book page that I finished. This one was super fun to do because it consists of the underwater camera pictures that we took on our snorkeling day. Maui offers great snorkeling just off of the beaches right by the hotels even. We took advantage of this one of the days with our snorkel gear in tow.

I used some embellishments my friend got me cause she knew I would be scrapping this trip. Isn't that super nice of her? I then went with the orange and blue theme and found some letters that went perfectly, in my opinion. And if you notice there's some Waltzingmouse Stamps background stamping going on. That's the Free Spirit circles background stamp. I think it has a tendency to look like bubbles too, so I thought it fit in well to use for this page. Oh, and see those three circle pictures? Those are real fishes that we caught on film! I had to be sure to include them!

Just for anyone curious about snorkeling in Hawaii...when we went to Hawaii the first time in 2009 we rented gear and went snorkeling too on Oahu. The bay that we were in was awesome to snorkel in, but our gear was not the best. This time in Maui we researched snorkel gear a bit and went with a company that we could rent it for the entire week. These places had really cheap to slightly better stuff to choose from. We all went with the sets that allowed for not getting water up the air tube. Thus, if waves were hitting us or we went just a bit too far underwater, we weren't getting a mouth full of salt water, just no air. I was a little skeptical about snorkeling this time since I didn't have the greatest luck with it last time, but I think the gear made a big difference! So, when in doubt, go for the slightly better gear and you'll have a much more enjoyable time. :)


jmarmon said...

The snorkeling page is very cute. I like the ribbons in the corners and the sea side embellishments really add to the feel of the page. It looks like you were having a lot of fun.
Great color choice.

Ren-Yi said...

thanks for the snorkeling trip. i got a big whiff of salt water once and i coughed up a storm that the boat scout kept demanding the OK or not OK signal. anyways - love the lil fishes that you incorporated into your layout - both the pictures and the lil self-made school.