Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Page & Last of 2009

So with this first wedding page (as there's an entire album left to do...yes, I got married in July 2009) I am not finished with my general 2009 portion of my scrapbook. I'm having this one wedding page go in the general book since it was kinda a big deal in 2009. It was also a great start to what I might do in my actual wedding album, or at least got to play with some of the elements I've been gathering for such a book.

I'm surprised to find that I used 4 different border punches on this page! I made that flower vine embellishment by painstakingly cutting each flower bud and gluing it on the green version and putting little pearls in the centers. I think it turned out pretty good, don't you think? And the little die cut embellishment people are from a very long ago eBay purchase before I owned things like a Silhouette. I probably would have bought it even if I did own it though because they were just too cute. They originally had blond hair, but I modified them to match DH and I. :)

DH approved of this page, for which I'm happy. He said the page turned out "in your usual scrapbook style with a wedding flair." I guess I can be happy with that assessment. So maybe there's hope yet that I can do my wedding album without all the worry of messing it up. (I'll admit, I've thought about what I want to go on these wedding pages for quite some time and am almost too intimidated to work on it!)

I hope you're not too tired of wedding photos...I bet more will be coming on this little blog...

Thanks for stopping by!


Belinda said...

I see b&w photos! :) Anyhoo, fun page, the border was totally worth it! It's just perfect!

jmarmon said...

I know what you mean by being intimated by the wedding book. I have been collecting weddingish papers for the day I when I start that part of 2009. I really like the flower border and once I enlarged the page I could see the other borders in the back ground. The page fits the theme of your wedding perfectly. Those were some of my favorite pictures too. Great job.

Ren-Yi said...

this is so cute. love the lil die cut people and agree that customizing the hair color was a great idea. i can't believe you did those're too patient but it was worth it! great LO.