Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hannah's First Bath

As promised (although I do admit, a little later than I had hoped), here's another post! And I'm also showing off one of my new layouts I finished this week. This one is about Hannah's first bath adventures. I've had the Walgreens collage print of these photos for quite some time so it was due that I finally get them scrapped. I like to get many Walgreens collage prints when they are on sale. It makes the prints all the more worthwhile to just let them do the printing than making them at home. Although I should make some sort of template sometime...I do have the 8x10 paper already.

But anyway, here's my layout. I even did not go off a sketch for this one. This one is just my own doing. I pulled out my sewing machine for around all the main rectangle and on the strip of solid. And while I wasn't trying to necessarily match to any particular embellishments in my stash, the page just needed the Splishin' and a Splashin' sticker for the final touch. :)

Hannah wasn't too bad a sport about this whole bath thing the first half of the procedure. It was more the drying off that she didn't like because she doesn't like hair dryers or towels and she was cold. The final picture on the bottom is of her huddled on the Apple TV for warmth. We occasionally found her on it even when she wasn't wet because she liked how it was a warm spot in the house. We've since upgraded to the new, smaller Apple TV and I think she misses her warm spot. Luckily for her, the old one is now in use again as my music streaming device for the new speakers DH got me for Christmas. And of course, Ms. Hannah found it the other day. I have a feeling we'll be finding her curled up on it when I'm in my room scrapping in the near future.

And just for a bit more fun to finish off this Hannah-themed post, here's the spoiled princess playing her iPad game. Yes, there's a Game for Cats game on the App Store! She loves it!



jmarmon said...

Poor Hannah, she was at the mercy of DH and I know how much he likes to give a cat a bath. Any excuse will do.

Belinda said...

So cute! :)

Ren-Yi said...

even hannah is a big dork ;) my cats would never allow bathing. i think i'd be on the receiving end of claws and more...