Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An organized desk

Once DH and I got back from our holiday break in Montana we went on a cleaning spree around the house. We didn't have our bags (they got short-checked to DEN so didn't make it all the way to SJC) so instead of unpacking, we cleaned. Of course I was the one in charge of the craft desk in the living room.

Most of the organization has been completed for about a week. I was late on taking the actual photo of the finished product due to getting a few cards done for our Swapping Sistahs posts. But, look how well a little bit of tidying can do to make it back to its much improved look!

The main organizational element that I think will help me the most is the little paper file I've decided to put my scraps into. Much easier to just put the solid scraps right in the file than have them all over the desk or starting to get in a big pile on top of the paper shelf. I also will give kudos to DH for the 7Gypsies stamp organizer I got for Christmas. I took one day just to get all of my clear stamps put away in it and already see the benefits of being able to browse my stamps easily. Plus save space and my stamps (being in a pile isn't exactly good for my clear stamps)!

I'm much happier in this new sense of order for my desk. One thing I have remaining is to figure out what/how to do with all my ribbons. DH and I went to Michaels a while back and got the organizer with a ribbon bar but that only holds so many. Thankfully Target didn't come out with ribbons for Valentine's Day in their $1 bin so I haven't gotten anymore since the holidays. :) But I do love my ribbon!

So here's the before (before as in the last time I cleaned up my desk):

This organization scheme got my patterned paper sorted out in main color groups for easy access, but the solids were still having troubles. See that middle stack of papers in boxes and just paper packaging? That became a leaning tower as the days went on full of scraps, solids, and everything else.

Here's the now...

Now both patterned and solids are in color groups. This helps me know how much of a color I have instead of keep buying paper packs when I think I'm running low. (Found out I use a lot of red.) My little file for scraps is right by my chair for easy access in putting them away! YAY! I also have utilized my little stamp carousel and my craft light (from Steph...thanks btw!). Yes, a slight pile is still evident, but that is patterned paper packs I haven't dug into yet and it is my goal not to just stack stuff there!

And now you know what my crafty area looks like. Hopefully it will stay nice like this for some time. :) *crossing fingers*

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Jenna Millsap said...

You have inspired me to clean up my stampin' room. It's a HUGE mess:) Just took a look around your blog. Love your projects and creativity. Thanks for stoppin by my blog and your super sweet comment!!