Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Invites - round 1 have been sent off! They came in at exactly 1 oz so they only required 42 cents! I had hoped that they would, but also figured that I was too committed to my design to change much about it at this point. Little worried about the knot from the ribbon bow, but the post office checked that too and they passed. They actually have pretty 42 cent wedding stamps. They are green and silver stamps with a silver heart and green background. They went quite well with my printed addresses in green ink.

Round 2 will hopefully get done this week as well. I started with 50 invites created but I need a few more as we're just going to go ahead and invite everyone possible (equalling about 120) and know that already some invites will come back with "no," leaving at about the right number. Most of those that are left are the local California crowd, who needs them quickly if they want to make plans for Montana, but will get their invites pretty quickly since they are mailed from here.

I'm armed with my supplies, so I should get cracking! (Not like the cracked tree in our backyard, but you know what I mean. ;) )