Thursday, February 26, 2009

So here we go...on to the second post! I thought I would highlight one of my recent scrapbook pages. I just finished this one last week in my off hours that I have plenty of due to my relocation and current unemployment.

This page deviates from my usual scrapbook pages because of the following: 1. I only have one picture on here, whereas I usually cram about 4-5 pictures on a page; 2. I used a 5x7 picture even, not one of my usual 4x6 (yes a photo printer can print in other sizes besides just 4x6!); and 3. I used many different scrapbook embellishments into this one page. Regardless, I like how this one turned out and decided to do it because I wanted to showcase this one picture correctly. It was really just some silly little photo shoot outside on my Peoria duplex's deck. We thought the ice storm's effect on the trees and snow made Peoria look "wintery" finally rather than the usual melting mess. And, as there was no real event, just the best picture from the shoot was enough to commemorate the occasion.

This page proved fun to make because I tried some new scrapbook techniques with it. I really like the glittery snowflakes on this page. They are actually a full sheet but I decided to cut out the middle (of course leaving the two edges for future projects) to just use it as an overlay on part of the blue paper. Ribbons top and bottom, which I'll admit I've had this ribbon for quite a while in my scrapbook supplies, take the space that the snowflakes didn't get to fill in. Finally, a simple rub on title was used making titling a piece of cake. 

Overall, I'm pleased with it. Maybe I'll find myself making more 1-photo pages in the future, like for a certain future wedding scrapbook project! :)

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cadnileb said...

Ooh love what you did with the snowflake overlay! cute!