Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It was recommended to me by a few requests that I should start a blog about my scrapbook pages and other craftiness, so here it is! Hopefully I will update this more than I did on my previous blog, but as it deals with craftiness I shouldn't have a problem. 

I've been scrappin strong for about 5 years now. It came about from a recommendation from my friend from college Susie and the fact that I had all these pictures from my first engineering internship in Rochester, Minnesota. Many pictures and pages later I've finished an entire book from my college years (well, almost...still have to put graduation in there), a book all about my 14 crazy days in Europe with my now fiance Steve, and am just finishing up a 3 year span of my time in Peoria, Illinois.

For this first entry I'll include a picture of the Valentine's Day present I made my fiance. It's an explosion scrapbook inspired from a scrapbook store's advertisement for an instructional class. I didn't attend the class but figured "I can figure that out easily enough...no need for a class for me!" One thing I like about this project was that it was a little bit more than just a card and I finally got to use those white rub on letters I'd had in my scrapbook stuff forever. (I'm an alphabet addict.) So here's the final result.... 

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cadnileb said...

Yay! Welcome to the blog world and love the explosion scrapbook! :-)