Monday, August 8, 2011

Marin County Fair

It's so great not doing pages in chronological order. If I did, I would be about in May 2010 for my general scrapping book and then July 2009 to get my wedding book even started! I had made the switch a while ago, but just being able to do another page from just last month still makes me happy. I thought the pictures from our trip to the Marin County Fair were just so fun and would be a fun page to scrap. Coming off the page about the Sonoma State Beach page, this is another in that weekend.

I wanted the pictures to tell the story more than anything. And as I chose this particular fair because of the graphic promotional materials (that's what DH says anyway), I had to include one of the main graphics from the map brochure. :) This was also the opportunity for DH to try out cotton candy for our "cotton" anniversary. We ate some of it, but it was more just the thought that counted since it wasn't his favorite.

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